“AIRCOMPANY "JUPITER JET" LLP has been carrying out regional and international cargo transportation for more than 15 years. The airline has the ICAO code "JPJ", IATA code "IM", the aircraft are equipped according to all the necessary requirements of ICAO and EASA.

The airline operates AN-12, AN-74, IL-76 aircraft and performs charter cargo air transportation around the world, has the license for transportation of dangerous goods. We have extensive experience in the transportation of bulky, heavy cargo, various equipment, general goods, live stock, humanitarian goods under UN programs, perishable goods and mail.

The airline's flight and technical staff has many years of experience in civil aviation, consists of highly qualified professionals, constantly maintains their professional skills, which allows them to maintain a high level of services provided punctuality, safety and security of cargo delivery around the world, even to hard-to-reach and unpaved airfields.

“AIRCOMPANY "JUPITER JET" LLP has passed the next renewal of the operator's certificate on 04/28/2021. Certificate number KZ-01/010 valid until 04.2023.

Great experience 15 years

Highly qualified professionals

High level of services

Hard-to-reach and unpaved airfields

Cargo air transportation around the world

Punctuality, safety and security of cargo delivery

Our services

Types of transportation goods

  • all classes of dangerous goods
  • oversized, heavy-weight, cars, aircraft, engines
  • fragile and perishable goods
  • medical equipment of all kinds, high-tech devices
  • clothing, furniture, general goods
  • diplomatic cargo
  • live stock

Aircraft maintenance

  • checking of engines, instruments and aggregates
  • routine maintenance of aircraft

Our fleet