The AN-12 aircraft is designed for the transportation of various cargoes, as well as for the airdrop of cargo and equipment at ranges up to 6000 km.

The aerodynamic scheme of the aircraft is a four-engine turboprop high-wing with a single-tail and rear cargo hatch. The fuselage of the aircraft, with a raised tail section and a large cargo hatch, provides convenient conditions for loading and unloading bulky cargo, as well as the airdrop of cargo and equipment . The landing gear of the aircraft has a high cross-country capability, which allows it for take off from unpaved, snow-covered and ice airfields.

Loading of large-sized equipment and cargo is carried out through the cargo hatch in the rear part of the fuselage. In accordance with the "high-plane" scheme, the level of the cargo floor of the aircraft is located close to the ground, which simplifies and facilitates its loading. Loading and unloading is carried out using cargo ladders, on-board electrical hoisting winches GL-1500DP, crane beams with a lifting capacity of 2800 kg. A conveyor is installed on the platforms on the aircraft for loading, unloading and airdropping equipment. On the floor there are sockets for the installation of stretchers and securing cargo units. A conveyor is installed on the platforms on the aircraft for loading, unloading and airdropping equipment. 

The aircraft proved itself as a very reliable aircraft, capable of operating in difficult climatic conditions, and unpretentious in maintenance.

Flight specifications:

Engines: AI-20M turboprop engine 4x4250 hp;


  • wingspan: 38.015 m;
  • aircraft length: 33.109 m;
  • height: 11.440 m;

Cargo cabin dimensions:

  • length: 13.5 m;
  • maximum width: 3-3.5 m;
  • maximum height: 2.4-2.8 m;
  • cargo compartment volume: 90 m3;
  • the size of the compartment in the cargo hatch area (w × H): 2.98 m × 2.95 m;

Crew: 6 people (commander, co-pilot, navigator, flight mechanic, radio operator; flight operator)

Passenger capacity: 6 passengers (escort the cargo).

Weights and loads:

  • maximum take-off weight: 61 t;
  • aircraft without fuel: 36-37 t;
  • maximum commercial load: 20 t;
  • maximum landing weight: 58 t;
  • fuel capacity: 22 t;

Flight characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 630 km/h;
  • cruising speed: 450-480 km/h;
  • operational ceiling: 7200-8600 m, maximum ceiling: 10000 m;
  • flight range depending on the load is about: 1500-6000 km;
  • Required runway length (MCA conditions, at sea level): 900-1200 m depending on take-off weight.